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Don’t just look at the price ~ car inverter you don’t know Share

In the hot summer, everyone wants to stay in the cool air-conditioned room. Air conditioning is also an indispensable part of normal life. Everyone knows that air conditioners must have inverters to drive air conditioners more stably, so when buying air conditioners If the power of the inverter itself is greater than the power of the air conditioner, it can be used for normal operation and use. What should be paid attention to in the air conditioner inverter? This can avoid problems during use and cause unnecessary impact and trouble on life. .
    The first thing that the inverter needs to pay attention to before installation is that the power must be selected to be larger than the air conditioner, so that the air conditioner can be operated more stably. It should also be noted that the inverter output power is greater than the maximum power of the appliance. Large equipment should be selected for additional reserved power preparation. It should not be driven by air conditioning during use. In use, it should also pay attention to the voltage of the nominal voltage of the inverter and the nominal DC voltage of the inverter. Always, choose the equivalent voltage to run stably.

    Air-conditioning inverters must also be installed with professional personnel when installing, to avoid non-professional people's improper installation methods to affect the use of air-conditioning, if there is a problem during the use of the process, you can not please disassemble the repair and modification Inverter, because this may cause serious damage to the inverter or even the air conditioner, causing losses to the user.
    Therefore, whether it is during installation or during use, it must be noted that the inverter must not be installed with the appropriate voltage and power. Therefore, it is important to know the choice of the air conditioner inverter so that the user can be more stable. Use air conditioning to extend service life.