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Car PCB potential is great, JingGuo H2 performance is better than H1 Share

Recently, PCB application has diversified, except for 5G communication, AI artificial intelligence, Netcom, etc., and the automotive PCB with a relatively high penetration rate has also received market attention. Optimistic about the high development trend of electric vehicles and vehicle electronics, many PCB manufacturers look at business opportunities and actively deploy related fields.
Jingguo (6108) is optimistic about the vehicle market and the investment in the Thai factory area. The original utilization rate was insufficient and the operation was dragged down. After obtaining the Continental certification of the European Tier 1 automotive electronic components factory last year, the sample test was successfully passed. In the quotation phase. The company said at the law conference recently that it expects to have one or two orders for materials at the end of the year, and will start shipping in the first quarter of next year and will be released in the second quarter of next year. If the orders are steadily growing next year, it will increase the rate of Thai factories and lead to profitable growth.
Regarding the impact of the big environment, the company said that in the current situation of orders in the third quarter, there is no impact on Sino-US trade wars and mainland restrictions, and there is no shrinkage in the single quantity, but there are still too many market instability factors. Whether the follow-up will have an impact remains to be seen. The legal person estimates that the company's July and August revenue and gross margin performance are not bad, the third quarter's operating conditions are also better than the previous quarter, profit performance can be expected, the second half of the performance should be better than the first half.
In terms of production capacity, there are three factories in Jingguo, Kunshan and Thailand. The Kunshan plant has a monthly production capacity of 1.2 million square feet, which is the largest factory. It mainly produces household appliances, DRAM module boards, Netcom boards and battery boards. Followed by the Thai factory, the maximum monthly production capacity is 1.05 million square feet, mainly for the production of automotive panels, home appliances, the first half of the turnover rate of 60%, the company pointed out that the Thai plant rate must be increased to about 70% The gross profit margin should be increased to 8% in order to achieve profit. The company also said it will continue to seek certification from other first-tier automakers to spur the performance of the Thai plant.
Automotive PCB has great development potential, and its application range is wide, including automatic driving, engine control, anti-collision radar, brake assist, etc. The same large-scale development in the field of vehicle development includes: Ding-KY, Jingpeng, Jianding , Taiding, high technology, Jingxing, Xianfeng and so on.